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And the right seats on the bus if you will and I want to share with you a tool that you can use to evaluate your talent in simple effective way it’s called the nine box and and in it’s a it’s a simple process that enables you to look at your talent from two different perspectives performance and potential it gives you guys it would give you an objective view of where to invest you know your training and development dollars limited monies that people can invest in their folks and this is an exercise.

That helps you figure out kind of where do we get the greatest return on our investment similarly on the other end it gives everybody a common view of kind of where are the the people issues that we need to address low performance low potential go or grow strategies as we call it the most important benefit I think from doing the nine box exercise is it gets Business development leadership team members on the same page common approach it levels the playing field in terms of how we all view our respective talent so how would you go about doing.

This well here’s here’s somethings that that are important to consider when you do a nine box exercise first of all there’s per work there lissome homework that the leadership team-members have to do they have to come prepared to the meeting that you’re going to hold with them with having identified where all of their people fall top third middle third and bottom third with regard to performance top third middle third bottom third with regards to potential so they have mapped out their team members in advance of the meeting and they’ve come prepared total about their strengths their developmental needs.

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Time it is just things that get it off the ground get it started well all that information is stored on this little chip called the BIOS now wife take our motherboard and turn it on inside you’ll notice that there are awhile bunch of ports along the side thesis actually.

what you see on the back of your computer system it’s connected to your motherboard and you can see ports like an area where you can plug in your speaker’s your USB ports are right therefor your USB devices this is where you can plug in your Ethernet cable for your internet this one has an integrated video card which we’re going to talk about that goes right here well everything.

Connects to that motherboard and the motherboard disallowing things to communicate with each other that’s why the surface looked likes city there’s a section on there that’s rectangular and it’s on this motherboards well but it’s being covered by this big round thing which we’re going to get to in a second behind this round thing there is a small chip that looks similar to this this is a CPU the CPU is like big brain all it does all day long is think think think CPU stands for central processing unit so it’s processing.

Information you give this guy plus and it spits out for the CPU usually come in Hertz so you’ll see you know. gigahertz things like that there’s two main companies that make C Pus AMD and Intel the CPU gets quite hot and it needs a special way to stay cool that’s where this.