Cracking The Web Design Lincoln Code

Your website is an interactive user experience and as such you’re building their expectations of1that experience from the moment they land on your website, so you want the1browsing and the visual presentation to1be consistent across every single page so.

That the interaction with your11website and the way that they learn1about your product, service or business1is effortless and consistent. Last but1not least and most certainly worth1reiterating is ‘less is more’!1Also echoed in the design principle1adage ‘Keep it simple, Stupid!’ Also known1as the KISS principle. Always remember,1whether it comes to the content of your1website, or the visual presentation of11your design, that less is more and that1effective simplicity is far more1appealing than an approach of design or1content that overwhelms your viewer. I111thought it’d be fun for we go to11take you through a bit of a trip through11time. In getting ready for this video and11preparing the content and the lesson11plan I actually dug through all of my old versions of the JazzaStudios.com111website and found deep within the111archives of my storage and folders and111backups, the folder called ‘Old Poo’111which has my oldest versions of Jazza11Studios.

I made11this, you can see there’s web design Lincoln this really11great, you know, repetition of the111background across here. I think I11acknowledged I wasn’t a coder and so I11tried to build my website in Flash and11this was my first attempt to do that.11What does this look like? There we go.11So this was my Jazza Studios website in11Flash. What’s this? Hosted by Freddy Jr. Jr.11dot com. No, doesn’t exist anymore! Okay… and11then I think this was actually my first11official release of Jazza Studios, nicely11anchored in the top left corner there11because I didn’t know how to center things.

HTML. I didn’t know how to put the content on there1so I just had buttons that led to other1places. Do keep in mind this was when I1was like 1, 1 years old and then1eventually I did painstakingly start to11learn to code and put things together.

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