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Made was to put all transportation underneath the city leaving the streets of Masdar totally free of cars the place reminded me of a medieval city and actually many design elements are adapted from ancient Arabic towns and villages it’s all about looking back into history to move forward there’s some very very simple ideas that have.

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A huge impact this is the pedestrian zone there’s no cars here listen this has enabled us to push our streets together to take the advantage of shade channel the cooling breezes through the whole scale here is based on the human being it’s not based on the motorcar as soon as you lift up the pedestrian plane by meters you’ve suddenly captured this breeds what you can see here in the balconies.

We’ve got a modern interpretation of in ancient Arabic screen or we must avoid is direct sunlight hitting any piece of glass as soon as the Sun hits the glass the heat transferred into the building and we have to use more energy to cool it down can this really make all that much of a difference yeah absolutely for example downtown Abu Dhabi meter wide streets black asphalt mirrored reflective buildings and no relief from.

The Sun on a day in September the air temperature in both places was degrees in Abu Dhabi the temperature measured at the asphalt was degrees in Mouse dog the temperature measured on the ground degrees so we’ve actually lowered the air temperature we’re trying to do as much as possible with as little as possible these simple design moves cut air conditioning needs by % but this place is also technically very sophisticated.

The roof panels not only provide shade they also generate electricity and the walls themselves are made of glass reinforced concrete literally sand taken from the desert everything here is geared towards maximizing energy efficiency Masdar does represent a whole different value system it represents an acknowledgment that eventually everybody has to go in a different kind of direction no matter how much money they have no matter how much oil they have no matter anything else.

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